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Night Owl Cleaning

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

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Commercial Cleaning

Please click here to see our General Guidelines for commercial cleaning which is priced at $25.00 per-man hour and invoiced upon completed contract agreed by both parties weekly, monthly or whatever works best to fit your needs within a 30 day billing cycle.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning is priced at $25.00 per-man hour and due upon completed services unless an agreement has been made for other terms.

Carpet Cleaning

Please call for price. Carpet is priced by the square foot.

Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning is a quoted agreed price between both parties with a contract and invoicing weekly, monthly or whatever works best to fit your needs within a 30 day billing cycle.

Residential Exterior or Interior Window Cleaning is $3.00 per-standard sized window or $5.00 per-standard sized for Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning. Payment is due upon completed job unless other agreed terms.

Strip & Wax Services

Please call for price. Strip & Wax Services are priced by the square foot.

Pressure Washing

Please call for price. Pressure Washing is priced by the job.


"I have employed Night Owl for 2 years. The proprietor Dennis is a wonderful young man, there isn't anything he won't do for you.He is even very good with PCs and can help you with your computer.

He did an excellent job of doing windows and screens this summer. He did the rug in our main living area, the rug is off white and over 8 yrs old, it did not clean very well, so he has come back with remedies at no charge. He does a good job of vacuuming and washing floors. Does a great job with bathrooms. The dusting can be a little hit and miss but then you have to point out to him what you want done. In my opinion Dennis is good, you need to be there in the beginning and work with him, so he knows how you want things done. No one can clean like the person who lives in the home, they see what needs to be done...anyone who comes to clean your house needs direction."

- shohreh


"I was really hesitant to hire a very young man to clean our house, but Dennis turned out to be completely trustworthy, very kind, very accommodating, and willing to do anything we needed done. His rates are SUPER affordable, and he is very honest. One time I paid him just $5 more than he quoted and he credited it for the next visit. I've never had any worry at all about leaving him my key, or letting him in my house when I wasn't there. He is insured, and very careful and honest. One time, a little jar of body scrub fell into the tub when he was cleaning (because I have way too much crap in the shower!), and it

barely chipped the plastic lid. He offered to pay for the whole jar of scrub! Of course I didn't let him, but that's how honest he is.Dennis is exceptionally fast, and very good if you tell him what to do. He didn't see to do things that I would have done, like under the toilets, and behind things. Dusting was iffy and he left a film on the counter tops which are granite so it's hard to see if they are clean, but you could feel the grittiness. He did not clean the tubs as well as I clean them, but no one does. However, when I told him what I felt was missed, he came right back and did it all at no charge, and then I made a list and showed him what I wanted from then on and, he was wonderful and did just as I asked. No one can clean your house the way you do, especially if you don't tell them what you want. Each time he came I left a list, and he did everything on the list. All he needs are explicit instructions, and he can do exactly what you want. He will come in the evenings if you need, and he even did our car one time! His specialty is flooring. Our ceramic tile floors and hardwoods looked exceptional and he always leaves a clean scent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis, but strongly recommend you give him a list of what's important to you. Then he is fantastic!"

- Shelly